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As many Eastern philosophies teach, massage is an integral part of preventative care for your body and mind. The massage chair of today is not only for those who are searching for simple relaxation, but can aid in the process of maintaining whole body health, by providing targeted massage therapy. A massage can help to enhance your immune system, remove toxins and prevent illness before it has a chance to take hold of your body. Not to mention the psychological and emotional benefits of feeling great.

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Available Colors



Elite Alphasonic


Elite Betasonic


Elite Robo-Pad


Elite Hilton II


Brookstone uDevine


Brookstone Renew


Cozzia 16018

Pricing not available

Cozzia EC-618

Pricing not available

Cozzia 16027

Pricing not available

Cozzia 16028

Pricing not available

Cozzia EC-366

Pricing not available

Cozzia CZ-389

Pricing not available

Cozzia CZ-388

Pricing not available

Cozzia EC-326G

Pricing not available

Cozzia EC-360D

Pricing not available

Kahuna LM-7800


Kahuna LM-8800


Human Touch HT AcuTouch 6.0


Human Touch AcuTouch 8.0 Bali


Human Touch HT-135


Human Touch HT-3300


Human Touch HT-5040


Human Touch HT 9500x


Human Touch ThermoStretch HT-7120

$2,699.00 + $200 leather

Human Touch AcuTouch HT-7450


Human Touch ZeroG 2.0 Immersion


Human Touch ZeroG 4.0 Immersion


Human Touch WholeBody 5.1


Human Touch WholeBody 7.1


Infinity IT-7800


Infinity IT-8100


Infinity IT-8500


Infinity IT-8800


Infinity IT-9800


Infinity Riage


Infinity Iyashi


Osaki OS-1500


Osaki OS-2000


Osaki OS-3000 Chiro


Osaki OS-4000


Osaki OS-4000T


Osaki OS 7075R


Osaki OS-7200CR


Osaki OS-7200H


Osaki OS-3D Pro Cyber


Osaki OS-3D Pro Dreamer


Osaki OS-3D Intelligent


Osaki OS-Pro Marquis


Apex EC-356


Apex AP-Pro Regent


Apex AP-Lotus


Apex AP-Pro Regal


Apex AP-Ultra


Apex AP-Phoenix


Apex AP-Vista


Apex AP-Aurora


Apex AP-Salon


Luraco iRobotics 6SL


Fujiiryoki FJ-4600


Fujiiryoki EC-1700

Pricing only available in retail stores

Fujiiryoki EC-2700

Pricing only available in retail stores

Fujiiryoki Cyber-Relax EC3700


Fujiiryoki Cyber-Relax EC3800


Titan TI-1601


Titan TI-7600


Titan TI-7700


Titan TI-7700R


Titan TI-7800


Titan TI-7900


Titan AP-Pro 8300


Titan TP-Pro 8400


Titan TP- Pro Alpine


Titan RT-Z05


Titan RT-Z05H


Galaxy Kuma


Fujita SMK92


Fujita SMK9600


Fujita SMK9100


Fujita KN9003


Superior SMC-6850


U.S. Jaclean Air Med Deluxe


U.S. Jaclean Relax 2 Zero


U.S. Jaclean Daiwa Legacy


U.S. Jaclean Daiwa Acutec Pro


Ogawa Active


Ogawa Refresh


Omega Montage Elite


Omega Montage Elite


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