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As many Eastern philosophies teach, massage is an integral part of preventative care for your body and mind. The massage chair of today is not only for those who are searching for simple relaxation, but can aid in the process of maintaining whole body health, by providing targeted massage therapy. A massage can help to enhance your immune system, remove toxins and prevent illness before it has a chance to take hold of your body. Not to mention the psychological and emotional benefits of feeling great.

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Available Colors



Elite Optima


Elite Integra


Elite Robo-Pad


Human Touch HT 135


Human Touch HT 9500


Human Touch HT-7120


Human Touch HT-7450


Panasonic EP30007


Inada Sogno


Brookstone uAstro-2


Panasonic EP-MA70


Osaki OS-4000


Osaki OS-1000


Osaki OS-3D Pro Dreamer


Osaki OS-3D Pro Intelligent


Inada Yu . Me


Cozzia 16027


Human Touch HT 3300


Human Touch HT 5040


Osaki OS 7075R


Brookstone U-Devine


Panasonic EPMA10


Osaki OS-7200H


Infinity IT-8500


Infinity IT-9800


Infinity IT-8100


Infinity IT-7800


Cozzia 16028


Osaki OS-Pro Marquis


Osaki OS-3000 Chiro


Human Touch 6.0


Osaki OS-3D Pro Cyber


Panasonic EP-MA73


Inada Flex 3S


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Robotic Massage Chairs help relieve many forms of back pain and provide countless health benefits.

Massage chairs relieve stress and promote better health through shiatsu massage therapy. Read more about our massage chairs

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Compare the Elite Robo-Pad to the Inada Sogno

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