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Benefits of Massage Chairs
Massage chairs can be a powerful part of your daily healthcare routine. A quality therapeutic massage chai has the power to reduce back pain, increase circulation to hard-working feet and legs, and work through and soothe the knots and muscle soreness that our daily routine creates. Massage therapy for your entire body is a powerful way to reduce stress on your mind and body, on a daily basis.

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Affordable and Customizable Therapy
Massage chairs are an affordable alternative to a massage therapist. Therapy from a massage chair will only cost you a couple of dollars per day, whereas a typical massage therapist charges up to $100 or more for an hour of massage. If you make a weekly visit, that kind of money adds up very quickly. If you have visited various massage therapists, you surely have noticed that no two are the same, and getting exactly what you want or need, can be difficult. With a massage chair, you are completely in control, in the comfort of your own home.

Custom Recommendations
Massage chairs are great, but trying to decide which chair is right for you can be confusing. There are many to choose from, which is why we offer personalized recommendations. Simply fill out our survey and we’ll determine the perfect chair for your particular needs, or, give us a call. Also, feel free to browse our massage chair comparison page, for detailed specifications of all the major brands, and chairs.

Frequent Therapy
Frequent massage is the best way to get the full benefits, and massage chairs make it easy to have more consistent therapy. Because you can use your massage chair right in the comfort of your home, you’re likely to use the chair every day… maybe even twice! If you have ailments such as persistent back pain or back injuries, which require massage in order for you to maintain a normal lifestyle, you may find a massage chair in the comfort of your own home to be a lifesaver.

Safe Natural Back-Pain Treatment
In a society that increasingly turns to drugs and surgery for pain relief, massage chairs are a safe and natural way for back pain sufferers to find relief. If you have loved ones who suffer from back pain, as millions of Americans do, a massage chair can be a powerful way to help them lead happier, healthier lives.

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Realistic Human-Like Therapy
Massage chairs have come a long way from the buzzing recliners of ten years ago. Today’s massage chair is so realistic, it’s almost human! Body-scanning technology actually creates a virtual map of your body, and robotic “hands” follow the contours of your unique body, even gripping the shoulders just like a real person. Techniques such as Shiatsu, Swedish Massage, and Accupressure have been engineered into many of these advanced massage chairs.

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As many Eastern philosophies teach, massage is an integral part of preventative care for your body and mind. The massage chair of today is not only for those who are searching for simple relaxation, but can aid in the process of maintaining whole body health, by providing targeted massage therapy. A massage can help to enhance your immune system, remove toxins and prevent illness before it has a chance to take hold of your body. Not to mention the psychological and emotional benefits of feeling great.

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Robotic Massage Chairs help relieve many forms of back pain and provide countless health benefits.

Massage chairs relieve stress and promote better health through shiatsu massage therapy. Read more about our massage chairs

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