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The World's Most Advanced Massage Chair

The Panasonic EP30005 Real Pro Ultra Deep is the most advanced massage chair ever created. The EP30005 has every feature you can think of, plus some other features you've never even dreamed about.

More Than 1,000 Massage Modes
1,117 to be exact. This massage chair is so incredibly versatile that there is a massage mode designed for virtually every ache or pain. No other massage chair on the market offers anywhere close to this much therapy.

Most Lifelike Shoulder Massage

The "hands" of the Panasonic 30005 Real Pro Ultra Deep are able to actually reach around the tops of your shoulders and grasp them, for the most realistic massage of any massage chair in existence. Real massage therapists grip your neck and shoulder area, and previously no other chair could simulate this movement, but the EP30005 is like no other massage chair in the world!

Ultra Deep Tissue Technology

The EP30005 Real Pro Ultra Deep is the first massage chair with depth control technology, so you can get a perfect massage every time. Some other massage chairs adjust for intensity, but not that actual depth the rollers push into your back. With the EP30005, you can actually adjust how far the massage rollers extend from the chair. Its the first true depth adjustment ever to hit the market.

Junetsu Massage Technique - A Panasonic Exclusive!
Junetsu is a totally unique massage movement that simulates the special small circular thumb movements used by some massage therapists. Have you ever had a knot in your back that needed deep tissue, spot specific pressure to relieve? Well that's Junetsu! No other massage chair on the market offers this knot relieving feature.

Features at a Glance:
  • "Human Grip" Shoulder Massage - The most realistic shoulder massage on the market today!
  • Depth Adjustment - First ever on the market, for perfectly customized massage...
  • Most Variety - Over 1,117 massage modes!
  • Advanced Air Massage - Best airbag leg massage on the market today... 22 Air bags!
  • Most Coverage - 200 Square inches of massage coverage is unmatched on the market!
  • Reflexology Therapy - Improves circulation and eliminates tension.
  • Shoulder Stretch - Exclusive arm and shoulder stretch for the most effective arm massage available!
  • Acupoints Therapy - The EP30005 targets your acupoints for improved circulation and stress relief.
  • Quad Style Rollers - Advanced Quad-Rollers for most lifelike massage on the market.
Massage chair coverage

Foot Reflexology Therapy
Reflexology is an eastern science that uses your body's acupressure points to promote health. By massaging special energy points in your feet, the Panasonic EP30005 promotes the circulation of blood and positive energy throughout your body. It also feels great to have special attention for your hardworking feet.

Shoulder Stretch Therapy
The EP 30005 massage chair has a revolutionary shoulder stretch feature, designed to condition important shoulder and upper arm muscles. By gently grasping the forearms and stretching shoulder muscles, blood flow in the area is increased, and your massage is even more therapeutic.

Leg Massage - 22 Airbags with Stretch Therapy!
The EP30005 massage chair features the most comprehensive leg massage on the market. While most airbag systems don't have the strength to deliver real therapy, the EP30005 Real Pro Ultra Deep massage chair is different. Adjustable high powered airbags provide real therapy with an adjustable length too so any user can be comfortable, regardless of their height.

Maps Your Acupoints
Massage Chair accupointsThe EP30005 is programmed with nearly 300 acupoints. These special areas of your body are centers for energy, and applying therapy to these areas can have a powerful effect. The Real Pro Ultra Deep is designed to treat these acupoints for a whole new level of therapy.

The Difference
The Panasonic EP30005 Real Pro Ultra offers additional airbags for the sides of the hips and for the back of the shoulders. But it does not offer the redesigned deep tissue back massage available exclusively on the EP30005 Real Pro Ultra Deep. Besides the huge price difference the rest of the chair is same!

Get the EP30005 for $4,499.95
NOW ONLY $3795
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Shipping Included
5 Year Limited Warranty!

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*Tax will be applied to CA, CO, CT, DC, HI, MA, MD customers. 

14-21 Day Standard delivery - included
In Home Delivery 14-21 Days +$225
(not all delivery options are available in all areas
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