Osaki OS-3000

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Osaki OS-3000


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The OS-3000 Many of the same features of the OS-4000 without the arm and shoulder massage or heat. It is designed with six unique auto-programs: Healthcare, Relax, Therapy, Smart, Circulation and Demo. Programs for your lower body includes: buttocks, thighs, calves and feet. Manual massage for the upper body comes with three options, full body, partial and fixed; that has six massage styles - rolling, kneading, clapping, shiatsu, Swedish and combo.

The OS-3000 is considered a great value, relaxation massage chair.

Remote Control

Manual massage also has five levels of speed and intensity with three kinds of width adjustable settings: wide, medium and narrow air pressure massage for back (two airbags), and also includes five intensity options. Air pressure for lower body , with five intensity options, calf rests that can be lifted and stretched, backrest can also be lifted. LCD display comes with auto timer 5-30 minutes and a wireless mini-controller.

OS Osaki 4000
Benefits of a Zero Gravity Massage Chair:
A Zero Gravity chair puts you in a position that allows your massage chair to do a far more effective job and relieve conditions as follows.

  • Helps relieve back pressure with the zero gravity design
  • Helps reduce sore muscle tension
  • Helps correct spinal alignment
  • Helps reduce chronic pain condition such as sciatica or a painful mid back, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia and more.
  • Helps decrease stress on the heart
Power Standard 110V
Timer 5/10/15/20/25/30 minutes
Maximum Operating Period 30 minutes
Dimensions (L/W/H) Horizontal side: 52x30x34.25 in
Vertical side: 37.8x24.4x14.5 in
Weight Weight in the box: 241.5Lbs
Weight out of the box: 203.7lbs
Length of power cables Controller cable: 3.93 ft
Power supply cable: 6.89 ft
Usage condition Environment temperature:
50° - 104°F
Contrasting humidity: 30-85RH
Storage condition Storage temperature:
68° - 140°F
Storage humidity: 30-85RH
Safety feature Equipped with overhead and power surge safety protection


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